VHD - Music from the Motion Picture - Sci​-​Faux 004

by Various Artists







Apart of the Grimoire-esque "Sci-Faux" concept film soundtrack series, VHD is one of many within the project whole designed as a mixtape with a narrative.

Cover Artwork by Melissa Kitty Jarram

Find the others at www.grimoire-esque.com/sci-faux/



In an alternate 1997, a tower looms over Glasgow. At the top sits Mick Tremere, the CEO of popular home robotics corporation Dibella Systems. Specializing in pleasure-oriented "sexbots" for the last decade, they've solidified their place in the global community's modern pursuit for affection. Three women are about to change that. The trio, Vites, Hites, and Dites - and their assembled group of ragtag outcasts - aim to kill the Dibella CEO and reinstate a dwindling form of love.

Regarded as the greatest heist film since The Killing, VHD also reigns alone as an influential work of science fiction.



Crisp - Kazolace
Makeda - Les Nubians
Shadows - Wagon Christ
Cognitive Dissonance - Scuba
Chromatickles - Eddie Warner
Interstellar Guilty Pleasures - Ill Suono
Bricks - Samiyam
Silver Apples Of The Moon Part 1 - Morton Subotnik
Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man (Part 7) - Sixtoo
Cornerboy - Siriusmo
Make It Easy - Lusine
Golden Gate - Mono/Poly
Next Level (ft. AUT2M) - HKE
Faz Tempo - Sango
3 xv. 1 - db
Chord - Lukid
Good Complexion - TOBACCO
Our Bones - Cepia
meowninu - McIntosh Woodruff
The Balance - Ochre


released October 16, 2017


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