Sandomir - Music from the Motion Picture - Sci​-​Faux 006

by Various Artists




Apart of the Grimoire-esque "Sci-Faux" concept film soundtrack series, Sandomir is one of many within the project whole designed as a mixtape with a narrative.

Synopsis written by Yve Saint Sebastian

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500 years after rising tides have left what little land remains arid and hostile to life, the last of humanity clings to its ark Jøm. Once an egalitarian community, Jøm’s class structure is now starkly divided between the bottom-dwelling Bîlos, the hedonist Gests, and a small council of Navigators who rarely are seen outside the bridge.

Ta-Rek and Nur, two Bîlos from the engine works, find themselves trapped in a restricted part of the ship as a glitch in its GPS sets Jøm on a course towards the center of a violent storm. In the ensuing tumult, the pair are thrown from the ship and they struggle to stay adrift in an ocean they’ve never before touched.

When Ta-rek awakes, it is on the shore of a strange island and the only trace of a Nur is a cryptic diagram drawn in the sand. Strange figures emerge from the heat shimmer and reveal themselves to be the android inhabitants of the fabled artificial island of Sandomir. Thinking these hosts will bring her closer to finding Nur, Ta-rek finds herself the only human inhabitant of a eerie sprawling metropolis intended for human resettlement. Though her treatment on Sandomir is favorable compared to the dark and cramped quarters on the ship, something has come undone, and she begins to suspect that all is not well on the island. A chance encounter with two Gests also cast off in the storm - the nearly identical Zigi and Îno - confirm her suspicions: Each night, more and more androids have been vanishing down into the dark heart of the island. Could this be where Nur has gone?

As the Jøm looms on the horizon in an answer to înos distress call, Ta-rek must leap blind into depths of Sandomir to find her friend and to find answers.



Temples - Vessel
Tropical Metal - Jackson and His Computer Band
Weaver - Lusine
Path Beyond the Crest - Barton Rage & Toshinori Kondo
Picasso - Lord RAJA
216 - Lee Bannon
Traveling Without Moving - Overlook
Shrubbery [Major Problems] - Melly
Mouse Bums - µ-Ziq
Uncomfortable - IljusWifmo
528Hz Rvrsd - Odd Nosdam
Forbidden Planet - Louis & Bebe Barron
Exotica - Roger Webb
Daredevil - Francis Monkman
Yore Dub - Kimyan Law
Automatic Response - Synkro
Snow Amnesia - El Kid


released September 1, 2018


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