Mount Real - Music to the Motion Picture - Sci​-​Faux 003

by Various Artists





Apart of the Grimoire-esque "Sci-Faux" concept film soundtrack series, and in collaboration with Always Human Tapes, Mount Real is the third within the project whole designed a narrative mixtape meant to exploit your tendencies to romanticize sound and context.



Mount Real - Music to the Motion Picture

It's the year 2653.

Under an overpass outside of United States controlled Montreal lies an eight year old Japanese girl in a white leotard.

She has no limbs.

Chasing an escaped pet snake, a reclusive elderly Frenchman finds her. Starving and with amnesia, the young girl requests his help.

Strict global law allows little support for the old, diseased, and disabled. Government controlled genetics now prevent the human being to live past the age of thirty.

There is a hope for physical augmentation but the child soon discovers that her rare blood type prevents the implementation of cybernetic prostheses.

Together, the two search for a memory, a comfort, and a future on a planet that lacks patience or compassion.

Mount Real caters to the lonely mind as a masterwork dedicated to exploring the struggles in adapting to a strange place.


counting days - Prisn
U-MX .040 - TML
LOVEE - Ed Ethics
Molt (feat. Soft Ethnic) - Pear. 夫婦
Let Me Find You Some Legs - Soul Tangler
Lioness - Coppice Halifax
Hallow - sloslylove
nudomsid - Heckadecimal
Iri's Third Death - Bankie Phones
One Of a Kind But Not the Kind You Want - Bert Gan
Pnume Fashion - Grimoire-esque
Invoke - Sunk


*Mount Real is the first Sc-Faux release to have been compiled of all original works. Now available on tape and digital download through Always Human Tapes





released January 19, 2016


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