Intraterrestrial - Music from the Motion Picture - Sci​-​Faux 007

by Various Artists





Apart of the Grimoire-esque "Sci-Faux" concept film soundtrack series, Intraterrestial is one of many within the project whole designed as a mixtape with a narrative.

Synopsis written by Francis Ximenez

Cover artwork by Brigitte Wang

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A race of shapeshifting interstellar beings lands on the planet Earth. Ignoring all human life and structures, they approach the largest fungoid on the continent and shake spores.

Pleased to have come across a worthy intelligence, they are willing to provide it with technology to help it reach its ultimate potential. But the fungus has a problem. Its home is infested with a virus. And the only solution... total annihilation.

Infamous horror/sci-fi director Miguelano-Nao Tatara in association with Musselman Films brings you a twisted tragicomedy that will have you retching and groaning as the gruesome hardcore fungus-based gore unfolds. Guaranteed to have you walk away from the film in an intoxicated daze.



Tape Flip Too - Dabrye
Pop Spiritual (feat. The KPM Orchestra) - Keith Mansfield
Discovery - Brian Bennett
Un jour avec Yusef - Domenique Dumont
StJarna - Komeda
Action Underscore - Irving Martin & Brian Dee
Strange Days - Daedelus & Teebs
Flying Machine - Château Flight
Cowboy Soundcheck - Black Dice
Hubris Produca - Mike Gao
Dot - Cepia
30 Minutes (Remix Version) - t.A.T.u.
Privolva - Jacco Gardner
Walking In the Rain - Flash and the Pan
Shadowtricks - Bonobo
Eastern - Protassov & DJ Kinski
New Chaos - Fila Brazillia
Little Girl Blue - Lorez Alexandria
Man With the Movie Camera - The Cinematic Orchestra
Vibes in Waltz Time - Bill Le Sage


released December 23, 2018


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